2023 Summer Art Showcase: Threads of Joy

Threads of Joy brings together a collection of artworks of glass, paint and fiber mediums to communicate human experiences and emotions. Works by artists Jim Smoote, Steve Feren and Jarka Sobiskova are on public display at the Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center beginning June 13.

The exhibition involves exploring different cultures, customs, struggles, pains and joys of humans by examining the remarkable manner through which artists harness their art pieces to communicate these aspects of daily human life.

Throughout the exhibit, visitors will encounter textiles and fiber work such as embroidery, wool felting and quilting; glass works such as casted glass sculptures and fused glasswork. This combination of materials provides viewers with an opportunity to observe works that eloquently promote a broad perspective of how art flows through the human experience.

Beyond the colors and design of the pieces, the show encourages empathy, dialog, and conversations, built on addressing complex issues connected to survival, interpersonal relationships, family traditions, social change and connection.

Check out the recording of the Symposium with the Artists
Jim Smoote, Cool Too, 2022, hand quilted, acrylic on cotton, silk, fabric, machine pieced cotton, 46 x 46 inches, Price: $5,000
Jarka Sobiskova, wool felting, 40″x45″
Steve Feren, Red Footed Booby, casted glass with a marble base, $3,000