Steve Feren

Over the last 30 years, Steve Feren has been primarily engaged with his work in public art. He is interested in work that can operate on many levels, including forms that are able to transcend their limitations and that are physically rooted yet speaks to the spirit. His work strives to be straightforward in the most roundabout way, it is the smoke that can reveal the laser. The work samples he will exhibit will represent his desire to create work that is accessible, yet sheds light on the complexity of the human condition.  Over the last few years, Feren has created a series of cast glass and painted sculptures. The Mexican tradition of Foto Esculturas or Photo Sculptures inspires these works. This tradition of combining photos and wood carvings in small memorials to family members acts as tributes or shrines to the love felt for the family. Feren wanted to pay tribute to the birds of the world acknowledging a tremendous loss of bird life due to climate change. This work reflects his interest to come to terms with a variety of issues like love, family, history, cause and effect, and our connection to the natural world.