Promega Corporation invites you to explore the internal landscapes of the mind in the Spring Art Showcase titled “Visions of Consciousness.” This exhibit portrays how consciousness shapes our perception of reality through representations of thoughts, dreams, and emotions. “Visions of Consciousness” opens March 12 and features works by artists Romano Johnson and Joe Mangrum.  

The Promega Summer Art Showcase presents Collections Unveiled." This exhibit will highlight three private art collections, each offering exploration of the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art. The Erdman Family Collection, known for its discerning taste and a keen eye for emerging talents, will share a selection that emphasizes innovation and the transformative power of art. Selections from the diverse collection of Stephane Janssen will provide a journey through the evolution of work by three contemporary artists and their contributions to modern art. The Promega Corporate Art Collection will demonstrate how art can enrich lives and stimulate intellectual and emotional exploration.