Three Kachina Dolls

Gerry Quotskuyva

I was drawn to these three Kachina dolls when I saw them at an auction house. Although I could not stay for the live auction, I left a bid on these and several others. At the time, I intended to purchase them as gifts. I usually try to find something from the southwest to give to colleagues at Promega at the end of every year.

Luckily, I was the highest bidder on about 40 dolls that day. Because only one other bidder was interested in Kachinas at the auction, I acquired them for much cheaper than I could have imagined.

It wasn’t until after I gave most away that I began to look up the signatures on the bottom of the Kachinas. The most famous of the carvers is Hopi artist Gerry Quotskuyva, who has a gallery in Sedona, Arizona. Naturally I had interest in meeting him and did so during a motorcycle ride to Sedona, Arizona with my wife.

Gerry remembered the dolls well and offered to buy them back. Although he offered me more than I had paid for the group of 40, my better half would not let me sell them that.

I have been in contact with Gerry Quotskuyva and hope to show his carvings, bronzes, paintings and prints at Promega.

People have asked how I come up with exhibition concepts. This is a great example of why it’s difficult to specify. I generally go with what I have in front of me.

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