Photogravure No. 27

Mark Klett

These two photos are part of a suite of three from an addition of 40. I acquired these at an estate sale years ago. The man running the sale knew nothing of the missing third image and had little information about the photos. Needless to say, I bought them for a great price.

Having curated an exhibition of Mark’s works at Promega in the fall of 2006, I knew him well and was quite familiar with his artwork. Upon arriving home, I contacted Mark and told him what I had purchased. He invited me to his home, whereupon he offered to sell me the book that goes with the images. This book, titled Mark Klett: Saguaros, is long out of print and one of few left, making it and these photographs a precious part of my collection.

Of all the great photos and books Mark Klett has made, the only photos he has in his home are from this set. The beautiful copper plates used in the making of the three photogravures are also currently being used by the artist himself, as splash guards for his kitchen stove. He could not bring himself to dispose of these special items.

On my way out of Mark’s house, he gave me another book titled The Black Rock Desert. I went to Burning Man Festival for the first time about a month later and read the book there. Coincidently, this book was about Mark’s journey to the spot where Burning Man takes place. The event is known for leaving no trace; Mark’s goal was to find the Burning Man site and to test that assertion. He did so and found nothing.

Mark Klett uses his photography to talk about who we are in space and time. He is more than a photographer – he depicts reality reflecting how we perceive it. I feel honored to have his items in my collection and am proud to know Mark as a friend and as one of the most talented living photographers in the world.

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