Bjorksten Research Labs (Before Promega)

Daniel Swadener

These photos were salvaged from my first meeting with Johan Bjorksten during the spring of 1977. At that time, my wife and I were living in what is now the Guest House on the north side of the Promega Campus.

Johan rented the Earth House and the Guest House simultaneously upon moving to Finland. These photographs depict the barren landscape in the area at the time. Both houses were in poor condition by the time we occupied them and the grounds were overgrown. Today, whenever I am here for Promega Art Showcases, I stay at that same Guest House.

In 1978, Bill Linton rented the upper lab from Bjorksten Labs, which is how we first met. I could tell many stories about Johan Bjorksten, Bill Linton and our parties on the hill, but for now I’ll say this: Sunday night soup, sauna and Star Trek.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the wonderful transition from a fledgling Bjorksten Labs to the growth and prosperity of Promega Corporation. Bill Linton has changed my life and that of many people with his vision and commitment to the life sciences.