Chloris Lowe

Chloris Lowe attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he gained his MFA in 2009 and attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to receive his BFA in 2004.

Transplanted out East for a decade until 2015, Chloris now lives in West-Central Wisconsin and maintains a studio practice near where he was raised. Visit Chloris’ website.

Artist Statement

It is through the creation of objects that aesthetics and utility are explored. Studio output focuses on creative exploration of an object’s ability to tell stories and create the notion of place.

“I create object approximations and formatted spaces. In creating these works, it is not my intention to try and recreate a past experience or feelings of being in a certain place, but to create a new object or space that presents the potential to provide an experience all its own.

The objects I create can be thought of as components of a larger map. Parts of a diorama that, though abstracted and incomplete, are drawn from combinations of instances and encounters concerning a sense of place, self-awareness and wonder relating to experiences within the natural world. The pieces are not intended to be representational of specific places but more so distillations and fragments reconfigured and presented through new work.

The pieces aim to create the notion of place within the location of the artwork itself. For in these instances, the map is also the territory.”