Nastia Craig

Anastasiya “Nastia” Craig (formerly Chepil) is a visual artist and interior designer of Ukrainian origin.

Nastia’s artistic journey started at a young age, taking drawing, painting and art history lessons in her native Odessa, Ukraine. She came to the United Sates at the age of 17 to study interior design in New York and later moved to Madison, WI, where she currently resides. Over the years, Nastia produced art while exploring a variety of artistic styles and techniques such as painting, drawing and assemblage. She employs these skills in her current work, which is mainly abstract mixed media collage. Her art pieces are created with acrylics and other media on polyester and acetate film arranged in layers on a substrate and finished with resin or varnish. Nastia tends to use bold colors and textures to create striking visual layouts and often experiments with the application of various materials. Her interior design practice has been a large influence in developing her methodology. She uses a “designer’s approach” to put together compositions and color combinations. Bridging together these two disciplines allows her to create a holistic environment where art and design are extensions of one another. She often finds inspirations for her art in graphic design and fashion as well as in nature and certain fields of science such as space exploration, topography, microbiology and physics. Engaging in the creative process allows Nastia to internalize the current events and to synthesize her feelings and emotions through her artistic practice.

For more information, visit Nastia’s website