Anette Hansen & Andy Rubin

Anette Hansen has been an artist living and working in Madison,WI since 1989. Coming to Madison to study Photography, she has since mastered the craft of Printmaking, the Book Arts, and Ceramics. She is a self proclaimed “Jill-of-all Trades”, dedicating herself to almost 30 years of serving the community through Massage Therapy, Gardening and Elder-Care for her many clients. Currently her artistic endeavors have focused on Photography and Ceramics.  Anette received her BFA from the University of Texas-Austin and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

From 1987 until 2015 Andy Rubin worked as a professional printer. First at Gemini G.E.L. ( in Los Angeles) and then for a long tenure ( 1989-2015) as Master Printer at the University of Wisconsin- Madison’s prestigious Tandem Press . Rubin currently teaches printmaking in the UW-Madison Printmaking Department, where he teaches Relief and Lithography. Professionally he has collaborated with more than 75 artists like Jim Dine, Alison Saar, Robert Cottingham, Ruth Weisberg, and Judy Pfaff and has also had more than 150 students assist him during that period. Rubin received a BFA from the Center for Creative Studies-School of Art and Design, Detroit, MI. and did his MFA at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

Andy Rubin’s Artist Statement:
“Currently, I have been illustrating history and time as it reflects on our own lives and culture. Inspired from the 1940-50″s American abstraction artists like Ben Shahn, Stuart Davis, Saul Steinberg, Frank Gehry and Antoni Gaudi.  I am printing over and manipulating historical images. I re-contextualize them to reflect the human condition…our impact on the environment, how we relate emotionally, even how time wears down and changes the way we perceive the world.”

Anette Hansen, Pour Spout , ceramic 2019

Anette Hansen, Three Pots, ceramic 2019

Anette Hansen, Oblong Bowls, ceramic 2019

Anette Hansen, Leaf and Small Bowls, ceramic 2019

Andy Rubin, ‘Love in Balance‘, 2018, monoprint over offset Lithograph, 18″ x 24″

Andy Rubin, ‘Fool’s Pillars‘, 2018 , monoprint and birch bark collage, 18” x 24”

Andy Rubin, ‘The Urbanization of Memory‘, 2019 monoprint over offset Lithograph, 18” x 24”

Andy Rubin, ‘Volto del Amore‘, 2018 monoprint over offset Lithograph, 24” x 18”