Cynthia Quinn & John Ribble

Married since 1981, Cynthia Quinn and John Ribble are accomplished Wisconsin artists.  Both have extensive careers as graphic artists, designers and instructors.  Cynthia owned a graphic design business for several years and John was an instructor in the Graphic Design and Illustration program at Madison College for 32 years.

Cynthia Quinn’s Artist Statement:

“My predilection to draw and paint was first exhibited as a three year old child. My mother would sit me in front of an easel and I would paint for hours at a time. As an adult I have been lucky to have made a living as a graphic designer, offering successful creative management services for a host of varied local and national clients. I was working for one such company when I met my husband, John Ribble. We have been designers, art instructors and art producers for 40 years.  In late 2013 we moved to a mid-century modern home to expand to an entire floor of the house as studio space. During the six month remodeling phase I was without a workplace and needed to find a solution. Through a fortuitous relationship with my friend Leslee Nelson, I began experimenting with textiles and hand-embroidery as a medium to express myself. I found I could work just about any anywhere and needed very little space. Once our studio was up and running I realized that textile art making had shifted my process. It has been rejuvenating to make art through this different lens. Using texture, embroidery threads, beads, and hand-dyed fabrics has added a whole new dimension to my vocabulary of expression. I don’t intend to leave drawing and painting behind. I feel hand-stitching is akin to drawing; mark making but with thread. I also have found ways to incorporate painting into my pieces. As always, inspiration flows from the natural world that never ceases to provide creative ideas.”

John Ribble’s Artist Statement:

“While teaching, I was lured into the world of landscape painting by a colleague Chris Gargan. We went on many a plein air adventure into western and southern Dane County and beyond. I began painting in oil but transitioned to pastels staying with the medium ever since. I have worked exclusively in plein air (a french term for working in “the open air”) for the past 25 years.”


Cynthia Quinn, ‘Foraging Crow’, textile and embroidery 

Cynthia Quinn, ‘OctoGarden‘, textile and embroidery

Cynthia Quinn, ‘Shoreline‘, textile and embroidery

John Ribble, ‘Abundance‘, pastel

John Ribble, ‘By The River‘, pastel

John Ribble, ‘Dead Tree‘, pastel