Jake Webster

Jake Webster, sculptor, mixed media artist, and spoken word performer. His work speaks about his community and the environment in which he lives. He uses the tradition of direct carving in wood and stone and applies a contemporary attitude by creating art with whatever is at hand to tell his story.

On August 10, 2015, the Emmy award winning documentary “Dreaming in Public” was aired on PBS. The documentary was produced by Grass Roots Media. We talked about making a living as artists in the mid-west.

I always begin my sculpting process by writing poetry. Poetry is the fastest way for me to get an idea from my head to paper. Now that I got the idea down on paper, the sculpting begins. As a child growing up in Mississippi before I learned to draw and paint, I would sit up and cry because so much was happening around me and nobody was recording it so, I would write it down knowing that one day I was going to learn how to MAKE ART.

When you come to view my sculptures, there are two things you must know, “art is never anything you want it to be” always ask questions and “beauty is never in the eye of the beholder” always ask questions.