Spring 2009 Art Show

The Promega Spring Art Show presents “RESPONSES a Showcase of Art & Photography”. The Spring Art Show includes black & white photography, hand colored photos, and multimedia pieces. Artists featured:

  • Simeon “Big Eyes” Schwemberger – A missionary in Arizona, Schwemberger acquired his first camera in 1902. For the next six years he photographed the lives of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo Indians living in northeast Arizona and northwest New Mexico.
  • Seacourt Print Workshop Artists – Workshop artists created works in response to Schwemberger’s photographs.
  • Jaroslava Sobiskova – Finding beauty in Wisconsin’s natural landscapes, Sobiskova uses paint, felt and clay forming to express herself through her art.
  • Alison Mader – Inspired by her own experiences, desires and surroundings, Mader captures her ideas in black & white and then accents images with color. A local to Madison, Mader’s exhibiting artwork reflects the year 2008, when she turned 50.

Dr. Rob Taylor, Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives at Arizona State University representing the Schwemberger’s photographs will be speaking about the photo archive during the reception.

(Alison Mader)

(Dine Tsosi-Last of the Navajo war chiefs, by Simeon Schwemberger)

(felt#3, by Jaroslava Sobiskova)

(Last of the War Chiefs II, by Merve Jones)