Summer 2009 Art Show

The Promega Summer Art Showcase presents “Contemporary Traditions of Folk Art”. The summer showcase features the blending of traditional and contemporary artistic expression across cultures. The show spotlights from six perspectives:

  • Hmong – Artists create textile pieces including a story cloth provided by the Madison Children’s Museum.
  • Kuna Indian – Artists living off Panama’s Atlantic coast create colorful and intricate molas textiles.
  • Latino artist Joe Ray ( born in Mexico and raised on an Indian Reservation paints mythological figures from his cultural traditions.
  • Mexican – David Maculco paints retablos on tin panels that incorporate Mexican wrestlers with the Virgin of Guadalupe.
  • Tanzanian – Tingatinga art includes paintings and prints of sculptural tradition of the Makonde ebony carvers, best known for the carving of “spirit” and “devil” figures.
  • Ugandan – Artist Francis X Nnaggenda works in mixed media that look traditional but are made from circuit boards and other computer parts.


(Hmong Story Cloth, Madison Children’s Museum)

(Triste Poderoso, by Joe Ray)