Fall 2009 Art Show

The Promega Fall Art Showcase presents “Northern Exposure: A Ceramic Survey Curated by Peter Held”. The showcase is pleased to have the expertise of Held, Curator of Ceramics at Arizona State University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center, who has curated more than 75 exhibitions and authored numerous books since 1989. The Promega show features a diverse range of ceramic artists from Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin including:

  • Don Reitz – Taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the ceramics department from 1962 to 1988 while accruing an international reputation for pioneering work in salt and wood-fired ceramics. Reitz now resides in Arizona.
  • John Glick – Operates a private studio Plum Tree Pottery in Farmington Hills, Michigan since 1965.   Inspiring potters for over four decades, Glick’s pottery distinguishes itself by graceful forms and highly colored abstract glaze patterning.
  • Maren Kloppmann – Represents a younger generation of ceramic artists. Kloppmann produces both modernist-designed functional and sculptural objects with a reductive glaze palette in her Minneapolis, Minnesota studio.

In addition to the above three featured artists, ten artists were selected, from over fifty submissions, to exhibit their artwork.

  • Margaret Bohls
  • Ursula Hargens
  • Randy Johnston
  • Clay Leonard
  • Simon Levin
  • Heather Nameth Bren
  • Mary Roettger
  • David Smith
  • Michelle Tobia
  • Geoffrey Wheeler

(Don Reitz)

(Simon Levin)


(Geoffrey Wheeler)