Fall 2010 Art Show

The Promega Fall Art Showcase presents “Thirty Years of DC Courtroom Art”. The showcase is pleased to host the works of Betty Wells who sketched famous events and trials primarily in Washington, DC over the last 30 years. This collection includes sketches she created for national news media on both public and undercover assignments.

Some of the people and events captured by Wells include: 2003 Beltway Sniper Trial of John Allen Muhammad, 1995 Susan Smith Trial for the murder of her two sons, 1991 Manual Noriega Trial, 1991 Supreme Court Justices, and the 1989 HUD Hearing on political favoritism. She is known not only for her lightening quick sketching, but also for a photographic memory that helped her capture these historic events. Her work is done in pen and ink, markers, colored pencils, conté crayon, pastels, and acrylics. This exhibit is produced with the assistance and direction of Vickie Gentri.

Also exhibiting at the Fall Art Showcase is local artist and art teacher, Mark Pflughoeft. His abstract, 2-D multimedia pieces can build up to 4 layers deep.  They incorporate a complex integration of shape, lines and colors expressed through Plexiglas, paper, plastic acetate and acrylic paints. Mark listens for the voice of the painter deep within himself as he creates each piece of artwork.