Minoru Ishihara

Minoru Ishihara established the Ishihara Dyeing Studio in 1979. He held a solo exhibition at the Kimono Museum in Tokyo in 2002. Recent solo exhibitions included “Spirit-Garden” at Maison Mami in Shizuoka and “Synchronic” at the Azabujuban Gallery in Tokyo.


Kakejiku “Seedling” 1
Sumi ink, Walnut ink Japanese paper and Sumi ink Persimmon tannin Silver foil Silk and paper
64” x 18”

Kakejiku “Moon Mirror”
Sumi ink Chalk Glass fiber
72” x 24”

Kakejiku “Indigo Light”
Indigo Linen
64” x 36”

Kakejiku “Indigo Wind”
Indigo Linen
64” x 36”

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