Stan Natchez

Artist Stan Natchez took a circuitous route to his successful career as a full-time artist. Always a creative child while growing up in Los Angeles, it was his participation in Native American dances that led him to painting. By taking the philosophies and techniques of both modern life and the traditional Native American heritage, Natchez achieves a complex harmony in his work with a distinctive Neo-Pop style.

Watch Stan’s speech from the Spring Art Show Symposium here

Stan 1

Harper’s Weekly
Mixed Media

Stan 2

Something I Remember
Mixed Media

Stan 3

Lone Wolf with a Silver Cross
Mixed Media

Stan 4

White Buffalo
Mixed Media

Stan 5

Four Powers of the World
Mixed Media

Stan 6

Mixed Media

 Stan 8

The Little Bighorn
Mixed Media

Stan 9

Medicine Crow with Arrow
Mixed Media

Stan 10

Mom and Dad Golden Days 201K
Mixed Media

Stan 11

Sitting Bull
Mixed Media

Stan 12

Blackfoot Longhorn Society
Mixed Media

 Stan 14

Guernica to Wounded Knee
Mixed Media

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