Andy Ewen

Andy Ewen’s illustrations have appeared in The Progressive, Isthmus, and The New York Times Book Review. His drawings have also been featured in Graphic Classics, Rosebud, on album and CD covers, and in a variety of other contexts. Andy’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows and resides in numerous personal art collections.

Andy is also a respected local musician. He has been the guitar player, singer and principal songwriter for Madison’s Honor Among Thieves band for over 30 years.  He also performs and records with other musicians such as Jim Schwall, Tani Diakite, Kicksville, The Fourheads and a host of others.

Andy was born and raised in a Long Island suburb of New York City. He moved to Madison in 1973 to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Andy lives on Madison’s Eastside with his wife Catherine. They have three grown children and one granddaughter.

Artist Statement:

The looser, ink and gouache drawings tend to be somewhat imagistic.
Visual poems, in a language somewhat like that found in dreams.
The ball point pen drawings are more like inner road trips in which the act of drawing
itself is a kind of meditation.  A kind of surgery
performed on a body, which is my mind.

Enjoy, and hopefully, relate.

-Andy Ewen

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Andy Ewen


Bat Dad
Ink and Gouache on Paper



Bird Hat
Ink and Acrylic on Paper



Bird Nose
Ink and Gouache on Paper



Bone Nose
Ink and Acrylic on Paper



Brush and Fangs
Ink and Gouache on Paper



Bull and Fish
Ink and Gouache on Paper



Ink and Gouache on Paper



Ink and Gouache on Paper



Dancing Bird
Ink and Gouache on Paper



Doingy Man
Ink and Gouache on Paper



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